Audio Downloads of Sherwin Wine Lectures

Many Sherwin Wine lectures are available for FREE download and listening. Click on the following pages for links to the downloads.


Bill and Hillary: Love, Hate and Opportunism (1999)

Capital Punishment: Execution in the Era of Timothy McVeigh (1997)

Cartoons of Mohammed: Freedom in Islam (2006)

The God Delusion: Richard Dawkins and Militant Atheism (2006)

Jamestown and Virginia: England and America (2007)

Journey to Cuba: Castro and Survival (2005)

The Many Faces of Love

Karl Marx: The Promise of Utopia (2007)

The Message of Jesus: The Continuing Controversy (2006)

The Muslim Split: War and Toleration (2007)

Parents and Children: Communication Without Guilt or Frustration (1997)

The Real Story of the Bible: Richard Friedman’s Hidden Book in the Bible (1999)

The Triumph of Science: From Darwin to Einstein (2007)

Vladimir Lenin: Tsar of the Bolsheviks (2007)