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Perspective: Zionism – Peoplehood, Not Religion

Humanistic Judaism, Summer, Volume 10, No. 2, 1982 There are many Jewish roots of Jewish humanism. As a non-establishment Jewish tradition, humanism has been embraced by many Jews throughout Jewish history. But not until the age of science and the secular state did Jewish humanists feel free to announce themselves publicly. In the last two […]

Humanistic Judaism – A Religion

Humanistic Judaism, Autumn/Winter, Volume 4, No. 1, 1975-76 In recent years I have encountered a persistent objection to the vocabulary of the Birmingham Temple. Many perceptive and sensitive observers have affirmed the value of the Temple philosophy and program. They readily acknowledge that the group work and fellowship are meaningful experiences. But they encounter with […]

Perspective – Leadership

Humanistic Judaism, Autumn, Volume 9, No. 3, 1981 Every community needs leaders. If the leaders must possess expert knowledge they need to be trained leaders. Humanistic Jews need leaders. They also need trained leaders. Up until now we have not dealt directly with the problem of leaders for Humanistic Judaism. We have simply taken advantage […]

The Rabbi Writes – Zionism

Volume 33, No. 6, January 1997 1997 is an important anniversary for Jews. One hundred years ago-in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland-the Zionist movement was established by Theodore Herzl. Zionism is the most powerful and most successful Jewish movement of the twentieth century. The Jewish state is its incredible achievement. No other Jewish development has embraced […]

The Rabbi Writes – The Return to Tradition

Volume 13, No.6, February 1976 Are Jews returning to tradition? Is orthodoxy on the upswing? Is humanism passe? Some say yes. They cite the following evidence. The Lubavitcher Hasidim are popular, militant and growing in number. The public display of the yarmulka is increasing. Reform Temples have embraced Hebrew, Barmitsvas and prayer shawls. Parochial schools […]

The Rabbi Writes – Dignity and Self-Esteem

Volume 20, No. 2, September 1982 The Jewish New Year is it time for reflection on what we want out of life. Present hard times make us aware of our need to choose among alternatives, since we cannot have everything we want. Economic restrictions often force us to consider all the other limitations on the […]