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Political Antisemitism

TJH May_June 1996, vo. XXX11, number 10. “Political Antisemitism”  Holocaust Day has a special significance in this election year. Political antisemitism is abroad in the Republican Party.   Modern anti-Semitism is different from traditional anti-Judaism. Traditional hostility to the Jews is primarily directed to the religion of the Jews. Economic and racial themes are secondary. Modern […]

Israel Independence Day. It Came and Went.

TJH May 1977, vol. 14, no. 9. Israel Independence Day. It came and went.  Twenty-nine years of Jewish independence.  How many more?  David’s kingdom lasted for 400 years. The Maccabees’ dominion survived for 100. What about the Third State?  I don’t know. All I know is that it is important for Israel to survive. The […]


TJH March 1991, vo. XXV11, number 8. “Leadership”  Many people ask me about the future of Humanistic Judaism. What are the realistic prospects for our future? What do we need to do to spread the word, to recruit new people to our movement?   There are many things we need to strengthen our future. We need […]

We Are Twenty-Five Years Old

TJH Jan. 1998, vol XXV, no 6. We are twenty-five years old.   This year – 1968 –  is an important year for us. It is our silver anniversary celebration time.   Our Temple is no ordinary temple. From the very beginning we chose to publicly  Embrace and ideology different from that of the Jewish establishment. From the very beginning we […]

Meir Kahane

TJH December 1985, vol. XXIII, no. 5 Meir Kahane.   Some Jews adore him and revere him as a modern day prophet. Many Jews fear him and hate him. Most Jews regard him as a continuing embarrassment.   Whatever the response to his programs and policies, all Jews are agreed that his publicity skills are extraordinary. Hardly […]

The Rabbi Writes

The Jewish Humanist, September 1997, Vol. XXXIV, Number 2 Colloquium ‘97.  It will be an extraordinary event. Eleven Jewish historians of international fame are coming to the Birmingham Temple to spend the Simhat (sic) Torah weekend with us. They will speak, dialogue with each other and open our eyes to the realities of the Jewish experience.  We Jews […]

The Rabbi Writes

The Jewish Humanist, September 1988, Vol. XXVI, Number 2 At the end of September, during the festival of Sukkot, a special conference will be held in Brussels-which, in a very important way, is part of the twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of the Birmingham Temple.  The second biennial meeting of the new International Federation of Secular Humanistic […]