If all religions are responses to the human experience, then every religion is worthy of study from a Humanistic perspective. As a student of world culture and ideas, Sherwin Wine became well versed in the beliefs, practices and historical development of many world religions, which enabled both detailed analysis and illuminating comparisons. Here he compares the Pharisees of 1st Century BCE Israel to the Calvinists of the 17th century in A Provocative People: A Secular History of the Jews:

contemptuous of the old religious establishment, hostile to the old aristocracy, populist in their insistence on turning lay people into priests, bourgeois in their class resistance and ambitions for power, conformist in their love of surveillance, self-righteous in their dismissal of the opinions of their opponents, fervent in their articulation of Judgment Day reward and punishment, and ardent in their obedience to their own newly created clergy.

If you want a well-read, critical, even irreverent perspective on world religions, this is where to find it.