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Celebration (1988) 

Family and friendship are like the air we breathe. We cannot really live without them. We are not suited for loneliness. We crave the warmth of human concern. We need to give our love. We need to receive the love of others. Family and friends pay us the tribute of caring. Our pain becomes their pain. Our pleasure becomes their pleasure. Through their love, we come to love ourselves and to find our self-respect. 

 There are many families to which we belong, and which deserve our love and devotion. There is the family of our mother and father, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins. Without them we would have no life. There is also the family of the Jewish people in which our ancestors grew up for over four thousand years with the help of many brave and wise teachers. Without them we would have no past. There is even the family of humankind into which every child is born, which reaches out to cover all the world, and which makes each of us the brother and sister of the other. Without them we would have no future.

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Note on sources: The Jewish Humanist  was the monthly newsletter of The Birmingham Temple. The periodical Humanistic Judaism was the quarterly journal of the Society for Humanistic Judaism. The Center for New Thinking was Wine’s adult learning program beyond Humanistic Judaism. Selections from Wine’s books are appropriately cited.
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