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Video: Between Iraq and Israel, the Middle East remains a source of difficult problems for the United States. The Iraq still retain dangerous biological and chemical weapons. The Israelis and the Palestinians are confronted with the breakdown of the peace process. The vested interests of America cannot allow the Iraqis to defy world order and cannot permit the revival of a hot Middle Eastern war. How can America manage events to achieve its goals? How can it persuade the Israeli government and the Palestinians to make important concessions? How can it police Iraq effectively without losing the support of the Muslim world?

Date: 05/14/1998

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Note on sources: The Jewish Humanist  was the monthly newsletter of The Birmingham Temple. The periodical Humanistic Judaism was the quarterly journal of the Society for Humanistic Judaism. The Center for New Thinking was Wine’s adult learning program beyond Humanistic Judaism. Selections from Wine’s books are appropriately cited.
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