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Celebration (1988) 

We are Jews. We are Americans. But, above all, we are human beings. 

Sometimes we forget this truth. Sometimes we only think about our own family. Sometimes we only think about our own friends. We look at other people and see them as strangers. The color of their skin is often different. The language they speak is not our own. We turn them into enemies before we give them a chance to become our friends. 

Our common humanity makes us see the truth. Underneath the different color, underneath the different speech, underneath the different costume, every person is a human being. Every person needs the dignity we need. Every person wants the happiness we want. Every person feels what we feel.

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Note on sources: The Jewish Humanist  was the monthly newsletter of The Birmingham Temple. The periodical Humanistic Judaism was the quarterly journal of the Society for Humanistic Judaism. The Center for New Thinking was Wine’s adult learning program beyond Humanistic Judaism. Selections from Wine’s books are appropriately cited.
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